The Bridge2Bridge

The one thing that every bridge player in the world has in common is that, wherever they’re at in their game, they’re all looking to move forward.  Every bridge player is looking for a bridge…to their next step in bridge.

That can be a bridge taking you:

  • From having never tried it to getting started
  • From social to competitive dupicate
  • From beginner to intermediate
  • From duplicate to tournament level

My B2B approach is designed to take you from whatever your starting point is to your next milestone.

As varied as a person’s goals are, so too are the teaching methods that work best for that person’s individuals style.

B2B takes all that into account with a varied, individually tailored approach to levels, setting goals, and teaching methods.  It’s not a “one size fits all” approach.


For some, it’s all about strengthening visualization technique; others, giving them the theory and the science behind bidding and play; and for others still, choosing the best reading resources…but no matter what your style, I employ an easy-to digest, fun approach designed to get you to your next bridge milestone.

I use all my own original materials and set up unique hands tailored to your learning needs.