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John Ramos is Los Angeles Bridge Instructor

Hi there!  I’m John Ramos, and I’m a Los Angeles-based bridge professional and instructor with two national titles to my name.  I placed 3rd in the 2019 Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs, 4th in the 2019 Nail Life Master Pairs, 5th in the 2017 Keohane North American Swiss Teams, 13th in the 2016 Kay Platinum Pairs, and first in the Grand National Teams Flight A in 2008 and 2009.


From individuals and small groups to instituations and large groups

Teaching Style

Every bridge player is looking for a bridge…to their next step in bridge

Why Bridge

Bridge is a game that demands you tap into your talents and play the game your way

“My husband and I have attended classes taught by John Ramos at the Beverly Hills Bridge Club for the past twelve months. He has been an excellent teacher for relearning the game after a long break.  He is organized, supportive, clear in his class goals with ample examples for each lesson, and is encouraging.  John teaches with a sense of humor, when needed, which is helpful to novice players.  Questions are welcomed and the answers always shared without judgment.  We highly recommend John for all levels of bridge students.”

Jennifer S.

“John has helped my game improve tremendously. I have much more confidence at the bridge club. John has helped me master many conventions with his style of teaching.”

Marci V.

As an emerging intermediate player, I consider myself fortunate to have found John as a teacher.  He has adapted to what I have already learned, and explains new conventions and lines of play in a thoughtful and patient manner.  He is accessible to questions outside of a lesson, which is very helpful for hands that come up either in social play, online, or at club games. His obvious passion for the game is especially helpful when I encounter a difficult topic and need extra encouragement. I would not hesitate to recommend him to beginners as well.”

Susan L.